Refer Madness!

The reason for our success is mostly because of the power of community. Our clients, friends and acquaintances champion us and believe in the work we do. You love us and we love you, so we want to reward that community in some way. I guess money is the best way to do that.

So we are introducing a referral program through the month of August we like to call Refer Madness! Let us explain how it works:

If you send someone our way we have never worked with before and they complete a job with us, you get a check equaling 10% of their design cost. To put an even finer point on that, if you refer a new client to us and they complete a $1000 contract with us, you will receive a $100 check. If you refer a client to us and they complete a $10,000 contract with us, you will receive a $1000 check.

So here are the rules (sorry, gotta have them)…

1) This must be a new client on their first contract.

2) The new client must mention your name on the contract. We will be adding a referral line on all new contracts through August.

3)  Payment for Refer Madness! comes after the contract is complete, signed and paid for in full.

4) The 10% is for design work only. If there are other costs associated (stock photos, printing or hosting costs) those will not be included in the Refer Madness! bonus.

5) Contracts must signed by the end of August. That doesn’t mean they are completed by the end of August, it just means clients need to contractually agree to the job by the end of  August.

We hope this brightens your day and gives you even more incentive to tell your friends and acquaintances about Fresh Bread Design!


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