Million Dollar Branding

In 2008, Pepsi Co. released a new and updated logo. It wasn’t a lot different than their previous logo, but there were a few noticeable differences. The success of the design is debatable and only a look at their books would tell whether or not it has a negative or positive effect on their bottom line. However, the price tag of the logo refresh was reportedly one million dollars. One. Million. Dollars.

Yes…that’s a one with six zeros behind it.

PrintThis is what a $1 million makeover looks like to a corporation like Pepsi

No one would argue that Pepsi isn’t a household name in the Western world.  There wouldn’t be an argument over whether or not the visual branding wasn’t recognizable.  The point I’m getting to is Pepsi saw value in revamping their logo. In fact, the valued their branding at $1 million. That’s how important it is for Pepsi to be at the forefront of their particular market.

We’re hoping this puts a bit of perspective on two things: 1) how important it is for your logo to be done well and 2) how much the very DNA of your branding is worth.  We’ve never charged a million dollars for anything. Chances are we never will.  But we believe your branding is worth that and more. We believe your success as a brewery, distillery, coffee roaster, start up, or whatever you are investing your life into is worth it. We believe it so strongly we started our own company to help create branding that isn’t just a “logo” but becomes your very DNA.

If Pepsi is willing to invest that deeply into their marketing, shouldn’t you consider investing in yours?


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