Calling the Plumber

We recently had some major plumbing issues under our house. We found out because the water company sent us a very nice note explaining to us we were losing an incredible amount of water. Though the plumbing issues under the house weren’t the only cause, when the plumber went under to see if there were issues, he found leaks in the old copper pipes.  If you know anything about me, you will know fully that I should not do anything that involves a hammer, wrench or building code. It is not in my skill set. Not only will it take me a lot of time and energy, it just won’t be done right. It will fail.

We only had three choices in the matter. We could leave it alone and allow water to damage our foundation, fix it ourselves which would mean hours of frustration (and curse words) and muster up the confidence to believe we did it right, or call the plumber and pay him to fix it.  We did the latter since he is trained to do this sort of thing. I might not fully understand what he did but the proof is in seeing everything work while our water bill goes down.

The plumber analogy may be done to death but it’s pretty fresh in my mind. Craft beer breweries almost always start out as home brewers and are used to doing it all themselves. This is a noble thought…the person who does everything…the renaissance man/woman! But ultimately, creating your branding, beer labels, beer can design, print marketing, web design as well as brewing and creating new beer recipes all while keeping up with the daily ins and outs of running a business will keep you from doing what you do best: making great craft beer.

There comes a time where you must hand it off.  The plumber we called wasn’t cheap. However, the value we received was immense. We had it done right. We had peace of mind. We knew he’d come back and fix any issues that might arise. It was a big upfront cost but we will be ahead in the long run. Because we’re in this house for the long run.

And you should be in business for the long run.

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