Yesterday was 2014

New Years Day is so strange. I completely realize it’s an actual day that is actually the first day of an actual new year. However, it sort of just feels like a freebie. We usually don’t plan any events, we eat a couple of large meals and then have a couple of drinks as one last hoorah before moving towards whatever lofty goals we’ve set out for the coming year. Those goals start on January 2nd, though. I just don’t count January 1 as an actual day.

Now that we have that out of the way and with all knowledge that this blog has nothing to do with that first paragraph, let’s recap 2014!


This past year was filled with designs for local and national beer makers. There is no secret that Fresh Bread Design loves it’s craft beer.  We geek out over the words like “hop character”, “nose” and “malt profile”. It revs our engines or floats our boats. Either way, we’re big fans of the beer scene. With a craft beer boom in full swing in our beautiful state of Washington, it’s no surprise the bulk of our branding and package design was done for breweries. We had the amazing opportunities to develop packaging for Skookum Brewery and Triplehorn Brewing Company, as well as drawing illustrations for existing label layouts for Brickyard Brewing.  We were also able to develop branding for Lake Stevens Brewing Company and work on a rebrand for Whitewall Brewing Company (to be released in spring of 2015). Not only that but we were able to begin the branding process for Central Plains Brewing Company in Wichita, KS. They are about a year out from launching their brewery but their branding is already on a firm foundation.


In 2014, we said “hello” to some great new friends. There are a lot of new distilleries opening up in Washington state and Bad Dog Distillery knew they needed a solid logo to work their branding around in order to be noticed. We also had the wonderful privilege of working with Golden Distillery on several print marketing projects. We’re currently in the process of developing a completely new packaging relaunch for our friends at Valley Shine Distillery in Mount Vernon. We’ve got approval on everything we need approval on and we’ll be going to print on much of it this next week.

Hard Cider:

Elemental Hard Cider is an incredible new company in Woodinville. They have allowed us to really work their branding and create something exciting and different. The feedback has been phenomenal and it’s been awesome to see them grow and infiltrate the market! The cider is great, too.

Restaurants and Bars:

Up until this year, we really hadn’t created a lot of branding for dining establishments.  It would only make sense that we would work with places that sell the products we design for, so we took the leap and worked with a couple of great places. The Oxford Saloon in Snohomish approached us about creating a logo for their iconic eatery this past summer. It was very special for us, since we got engaged there and there are a lot of memories in that building.  We also designed a logo for Red’s Fish House on Camano Island. It’s a restaurant that will serve as an extension to the Camano Island Collective on Tap.


We’ve also been privileged to be involved with San Juan Cigars. Washington’s first and only hand rolled cigars are not just incredibly well made, they are incredibly well branded! It’s been so much fun to be a part of these guys’ success. The labels should be printed soon so start watching for them on shelves at your local cigar shop.

Chili Sauce:

Food packaging is something we have dabbled in here and there but we’re this year we are involved in branding for SeaFire Gourmet (formerly Davez Foodz). It starts with a simple and clean logo and from there the sky is the limit. We see so much potential for Dave and crew in 2015 and we are blessed to be a part of that. Keep an eye out for other SeaFire projects coming in the near future.


There were all types of other projects we were involved in this year. We designed several t-shirts for the likes of Tommy’s Guitar Shop and the Scott Ward Fan Club. We’ve designed brochures for Cascade Coffee and Greater Everett Community Foundation. We did branding for a shave ice joint in Hawaii called The Hapa Shack (I think we’re actually due for an onsite business meeting, if you know what I mean). We even designed a new logo for DC Promotional Products (my parent’s company).

The reason this blog is written isn’t entirely for the purpose of tooting our own horn. There is another reason. There are so many great companies we work with. We want you, the reader to know who they are…go to their websites…buy their products. We believe in our clients and what they do. When we look back at 2014 we are amazed at what we have accomplished but even more so who we accomplished it with. We’re also looking forward to this next year. It’s going to be a doozy.  Let’s make 2015 “The Year of the Bread”!

If you want to see some of these great projects, you can visit our website portfolio or check out our Facebook. If you want to contact us, you can do that here.


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