Come Back.

It’s hard not to be a 12th Man when you live in the Seattle area. Heck it’s hard not to be a 12th Man when you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Especially the past two years. There was something about this team. There was a magic in the way they pulled off plays that should never have been made.

And then it fell apart in the last 20 seconds of Super Bowl 49.

We were silent. There was so much traffic on the drive home from the party we were at. Long lines of slow cars moved forward like a funeral procession. All the wind was taken out of us (insert Deflategate joke here).

Then the talking heads starting talking:

“Will this be the end of the Seahawks?”

“Can the Seahawks ever rebound from this loss?”

“The Seahawks run is over!”

Are you kidding me? We’ve made it to the Super Bowl twice in two years. This loss came down to ONE PLAY in the last 20 seconds. We yell “BAD CALL” but if the ball hadn’t been picked…if we had caught the ball and scored a touchdown we would have yelled “WHAT A PLAY!”

Life is sort of like that right? We take a bad decision that costs us and we view our entire lives through that lens. We see the entire season as that one bad call instead of noticing the wins we had that brought us to that place. That one bad call doesn’t define who we are…but what we learn from that one bad call does.

Will the Seahawks be better than ever next year?  We hope so.

But this just confirmed what we’ve always believed.  Know when to be bold and know when to be simple.


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