It’s Time For Change.

We are looking at a beautiful landscape. The future looks bright for the craft beverage industry. Everywhere we look there are fresh new faces bringing new and innovative products to the market while the other Washington is working on lowering taxes for our boutique breweries, distilleries and wineries at a federal level. It seems anyone who has been in the game for longer than 5 years is revising recipes, sourcing even more local ingredients, hiring new head brewers/master distillers/winemakers and purchasing bigger and better equipment.

It just makes sense.

These industries change and new companies are raising the bar. People who were at the top of their game 15 years ago can’t compete in the same way they used to. It’s like pitting the 1985 Bears against the 2014 Seahawks. Sure, they were top team then but times and expectations have changed.

So why do you still look the same?

If you’ve changed the product to keep up with the times, why is the packaging the equivalent of an Ed Hardy shirt (and if you are asking “what’s wrong with Ed Hardy?” stop reading and contact us now)? If you haven’t looked at your package design or even your core brand identity with a critical eye in the past 2 years, it’s time to do that. Brand loyalty is quickly becoming a thing of the past. We need to woo the consumer. Refreshing your branding or packaging will bring you back into focus to former customers and will draw the eye of new customers.

Why bother enhancing what’s inside the bottle when people only see what’s outside the bottle?

Our job is to look at your brand with a critical eye. We’re honest (seriously…there is some great design out there that we do NOT want to mess with) and are so excited to breathe new life into brands that deserve it.


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