Classic Look for a Classic Spirit

There are some people you meet for the first time you know will do something amazing.

When I met AJ and Jamie Temple, they were still in the beginning stages of getting their license to produce distillates from the TTB. I had never tasted anything they’d made and from what I could tell, they had never made any spirits. They were young and fresh faced, excited to make good gin. And everyone wants to make good spirits. But these guys were different.

I walked away from the meeting knowing we’d be working together. There was no contract signed yet, no money on the table…but everything about this seemed right.

Well, in the end the contract was signed. It turns out my instincts were right. These guys have a knack for making great gin. It’s classy. It’s dry. It’s not boring at all. So Temple Distilling‘s Chapter One Gin and Chapter One Navy Strength Gin both deserved a label that spoke all of those things. We wanted it to be classic without being stuffy.  It has custom lettering. It has embossing hidden in places you can’t see but changes the tactile feel. It has spot varnish in all the right places. Even the paper style is one that harkens back to earlier days. The dieline is complex and the two gins have some subtle design differences that help differentiate more than just color coding.

This is one of our favorite gins and one of the favorite labels we’ve done so far. We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy both very soon. If you like what you see, feel free to head to our website at and send us an e-mail!

Chapter One Traditional Close Up WMSide by Side 2 WMCork Labels WMBack Label WMNavy traditional blur WMHymn 1 WM


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