Whitewall Brewing’s Anniversary Ale Barleywine

Whitewall Brewing in Marysville, WA decided to make an incredible barleywine for their 2nd anniversary. It is elegant and can stand toe to toe with top shelf spirits and high end cigars. They needed a package that showed the refinement of this beer.

We drew detailed hand lettered initials as well as meticulously created filigrees to bring together a label that really drove home how impressive the product really is.

We drove it all home with high gloss spot varnishes on burgendy highlights, as well as spot varnished black on black barley stalks on both the front and the back, all on an estate paper to enhance the tactile experience.  In the end, people will see this fine barleywine exactly how it tastes.

Beer can be sexy and elegant…or it can be fun. It all depends on who your target market is and where you want your price point. We’d love to talk with you about your craft beer packaging needs! Just head Fresh Bread Design and click on “contact”.

photo credit: VonJentzen Productions



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