Temple Distilling’s Bookmark Limoncello

AJ and Jamie Temple of Temple Distilling make incredible, award winning gin. They are passionate about raising the bar as a new distillery and their Bookmark Limoncello shows it. They also realized you cannot have great distillated spirits without great packaging, so they enlisted in the help of Fresh Bread Design to create packaging that reflects the product.

This limoncello uses Temple Distilling’s Chapter One Navy Strength gin as their base so rather than starting from a completely neutral starting point there is a delicate balance of botanicals. The juniper and lemon zest playfully mingle with just the right amount of cane sugar. We wanted to reflect the Old World tradition of limoncello as well as the elegance and detail of this particular distillate. We did this by using a mix of custom and boutique typography, hand-created filigrees and very subtle gold foil and embossing. The color scheme had to work with the color of the liqueur so we chose muted greens and yellows so they ultimately enhance one another.

Much of our influence came from antique tobacco tins. Many of them not only have great design, but also showcase incredible patinas. Our goal was to match that aesthetic for this product in order to showcase the time and respect for heritage Temple Distilling puts in every bottle.

If you are ready to go to the next level with your spirits packaging contact us.

photo cred: VonJentzen Productions


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