Reality Check:

Reality Check:  Once you have released your product into the marketplace you have lost the ability to personally convince the world it needs to spend it’s money on you.

Your branding and your packaging are crucial in convincing the world that you sell is what they need. I can’t tell you how many distillery and brewery owners we’ve talked with who have told us how they couldn’t get into stores, with a distributor or decent placement. Much (maybe even most) of the time it had to do with their package design. The stores are in it to make money. So are the distributors. If they don’t think your product will sell with some semblance of ease, they are apt to not carry it. Even if they do carry it, you will be severely limited in placement.

One of the biggest factors we hear is that people don’t want to (or can’t) spend that amount of money. Some are flat out offended by it. But we always have to ask this question:  Are we more concerned about initial cost or incessant value?

I love my tax guy. He tells me the truth. There are times I don’t like the truth. He does, however, find ways to make what we can do offset the pain of what we can’t do. He knows what the laws are, understands loopholes and will bend over backwards to ensure we leave knowing we are being taken care of in a fair way. I actually like visiting my accountant…at least mostly. I have never balked at the cost. Why? Because what he does is valuable to me. It might be more than the guy down the street. It might be more than everyone in the world (I kind of hope not, but that’s digressing). But what he does is extremely valuable to me. I know that in the end I’m being well taken care of even if I don’t understand most of the tax codes.

A good designer will add value to your product. They will know the market, understand your culture and do everything they can to visually convince the world they need to spend money on you.

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